Musical Flying Squad



artsXchange is a partnership of community and cultural groups in the King's Cross area. We were formed after the events of 7 July 2005. We nurture our separate cultural activities and share them with one another to increase mutual understanding by

  • using the visual and performing arts to stimulate discussions and debates on what unites us and what divides us
  • seeing what some call "the clash of cultures" as an opportunity to work for a more vigorous, fruitful and tolerant society, and to link the generations
  • encouraging all our neighbours to express themselves in ways that give them confidence and empower them
  • looking to the highpoints – such as Moorish Spain – where the exchange between Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures led to the founding of Oxford and other universities through Europe, and to the Renaissance.

We work for a self-sustaining way of life by

  • learning how the environment is treated by different peoples and cultures, who use energy in vastly different amounts, and by advocating the most appropriate means for our environmental sustainability
  • encouraging an economically self-sustaining environment locally, encouraging young people to maximise their chances of jobs.
  • valuing skills, hearing how they were used at other times and by other cultures
  • encouraging initiatives

Any of these shows can be revived, adapted or developed, if timing and funding permit. Any of the songs can be performed at festivals, conventions, seminars, etc. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Musical Flying Squad dealt with identity and ‘Britishness’ in our tour of 20 schools with "Travellers Tales – How the World Came to Camden". After showing that Britain evolved from successive waves of immigration we concluded: "When you think of all you’ve seen, what does being British mean? Some things good and some things bad, Some things that maybe we can add." "Grassroots – A Carnival of Initiatives" celebrated the achievements of Black and Asian role models; "Cutting the Wire" was about courageous people of all races who opposed persecution.