Musical Flying Squad


Musical Flying Squad

We celebrated their achievements in our first production "Jellicoe" the Musical in 2003.As St Pancras International is completed and King’s Cross Central Development – the biggest in Western Europe, gets under way, house prices are escalating and small businesses are being forced out.

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Please click here for information about our latest production "Regent's Canal" - a folk opera which celebrates 200 years since the start of construction on the Regent's Canal in 1812. The production toured at venues in Islington, Camden and Tower Hamlets during late August and September 2012.

Our area is one of the most deprived in Britain, with a minorities population of forty percent, high poverty and unemployment, concern about identity, and a "generation gap" in all cultures. As St Pancras International is completed and King’s Cross Central Development – the biggest in Western Europe, gets under way, house prices are escalating and small businesses are being forced out. The gap between "haves and have nots" will exceed the national figures. The challenges society encounters in London and Britain today are here in abundance. We seek to get to grips with them in our continuing project "Performing Arts for Community Cohesion".

"Jellicoe the Musical" portrayed the old neighbourhood that our long time residents still recall. It also told new neighbours e.g. from Bangladesh and Somalia, the story of the homes and streets which they now inhabit. Thus the whole community celebrated a common history. Together we have formed artsXchange to increase our mutual understanding. Our production "London with a Swing" contributes a strong component of English culture to the exchange.

"Elizabeth Garrett Anderson" was about Britain’s first woman doctor whose women’s medical school and hospital for women were on our doorstep. "Hub Song – the World Around King’s Cross" shows how railways shaped our community, from Stephenson and steam till today.

Jellicoe-Neville Performing Arts, a not for profit limited company No 4669570, was formed in February 2003. We are grateful for past funding from The Refugee Council, Awards for All, CTRL, Argent, SPH Housing, Hampstead Wells, LB Camden and the following Camden organisations: Central Partnership, Community Umbrella, Community Chest, Groundwork, Arts and Tourism and Equalities.


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